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Cell and tissue banking is a growing arena that is critical to research and clinical markets. Cell and tissue banks for research supply a wide category of cell lines, cell strains, and primary cells that drive basic research, and to provide a resource for genomic and proteomic catalogues to further understanding of existing and near-extinct species. The accurate and consistent characterization of the cells and tissues that are banked are critical for accurate analysis.

Cell model systems utilized for testing are often cryopreserved to maintain a bank of cells for supply purposes. Preservation is a stressful environment that often results in loss of cell viability, as well as a lag in functional return by the cells that survive the preservation interval. Cryopreservation of cells in traditional media often yields a cell population model that may differ in multiple parameters from the characterized cell population prior to preservation.

Optimal preservation media provides enhanced re-growth of cells that decreases time spent waiting for cell repopulation. Our products add value to a cell and tissue bank’s capabilities and provide a considerable advantage over competitors utilizing traditional preservation media.

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