CryoStor® Freeze Media Products

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CryoStor cryopreservation freeze media products have been designed to mitigate temperature-induced molecular cell stress responses during freezing and thawing.

CryoStor proprietary freeze media products are intended for cryopreservation of biologics at -70 to -196°C and are based on the novel HypoThermosol formula.

All CryoStor products are pre-formulated with USP grade DMSO, a permeant solute cryoprotective agent which helps mitigate damage from the formation of intracellular ice.

Across a broad spectrum of cell types, CryoStor products have proven much more effective in reducing post-preservation necrosis and apoptosis as compared to commercial and home-brew isotonic and extracellular formulations. This enables greatly improved post-thaw cell yield, viability, and recovery.

CryoStor products meet USP <71> Sterility and USP <85> Endotoxin testing standards, and are manufactured under cGMP.

CryoStor is offered in several packages and pre-formulated with DMSO in final concentrations of 2%, 5%, and 10%.

CryoStor CS10 100mL

CryoStor CS10 Freeze Media

Pre-formulated with 10% DMSO, CryoStor CS10 has demonstrated remarkable biopreservation efficacy in numerous cell types, including sensitive cells such as hepatocytes.  Now available in 1L Bags and Single-Use Syringes.

CryoStor CS5 100mL

CryoStor CS5 Freeze Media

Pre-formulated with 5% DMSO, CryoStor CS5 routinely outperforms competing freeze media containing 10% DMSO and is recommended for cryopreservation of most cell types.

CryoStor CS2 100mL

CryoStor CS2 Freeze Media

Pre-formulated with 2% DMSO. In some cell types, CryoStor CS2 has demonstrated biopreservation efficacy at or above the levels of competing commercial and in-house formulated freeze media, even in the presence of greatly reduced levels of DMSO.

CryoStor Product Information Sheet (PDF)
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Custom Orders

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CryoStor Performance Evidence


Product Part # Package/Volume Order
CryoStor CS2
Preformulated with 2% DMSO
202102 1 x 100mL bottle ORDER
CryoStor CS5
Preformulated with 5% DMSO
205102 1 x 100mL bottle ORDER
NEW CryoStor CS5 100mL Bag
Preformulated with 5% DMSO
205202 1 x 100mL bag ORDER
CryoStor CS10
Preformulated with 10% DMSO
210102 1 x 100mL bottle ORDER
CryoStor CS10 Vial
Preformulated with 10% DMSO
210373 1 x 10mL vial ORDER
CryoStor CS10 Vial
Preformulated with 10% DMSO
210374 1 x 16mL vial ORDER
CryoStor CS10 Syringe
Preformulated with 10% DMSO
210473 1 x 10mL syringe ORDER
NEWCryoStor CS10 100mL Bag
Preformulated with 10% DMSO
210202 1 x 100mL bag ORDER
CryoStor CS10 1L Bag
Preformulated with 10% DMSO
210210 1L bag ORDER