Use of HypoThermosol® in Clinical Trials of New Regenerative Medicine Products & Therapies

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Clinical Indication Administration Route Reagent Status Pre-Clinical Phase I Phase II Phase III Approved
Stress Urinary Incontinence N/A Ancillary
Post MI CHF IM – ventricular Excipient
Multiple Sclerosis Subcutaneous Excipient
Ulcerative Colitis Intravenous Excipient
Wound healing Subcutaneous Excipient
Dilated Cardiomyopathy Intraventricular Excipient
Critical Limb Ischemia Intramuscular Excipient
Stroke Intracranial Excipient
Urinary Sphincter Repair N/A Ancillary
Fecal Incontinence N/A Ancillary
Ischemic Heart Disease N/A Ancillary
Safety Study Intralymphatic Excipient
PAD Intramuscular Excipient
Organ Rejection Intravenous Excipient
Heart Failure N/A Ancillary


Information deemed accurate as of September 3, 2013, as sourced from and direct customer communication. BioLife Solutions has no obligation to update this information. Please contact if you have a question or comment about this information.