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ORDER MUST SHIP BY: December 29, 2023

Purchase a
SU780XLE upright freezer and we will include Half Your Racks For FREE.*

Another reason to consider our industry-leading ULT freezer performance:

  • High-density storage capacity reduces floorspace
  • Up to 70% energy savings over traditional compressor-based models
  • Best U.S. ACT Label Environmental Impact Factor (EIF) rating from My Green Lab, validating holistic ULT sustainability
  • Wider ultra-low temperature range from -20°C to -86°C
  • Compressor-free Stirling engine system needs less ongoing maintenance
  • Accepts universal power

Contact us to get FREE RACKS

780-R-76-PCR rack


To collect on this offer, contact your freezer sales representative via our form.

  • You must purchase your products in time for the order to ship by December 29, 2023
  • Purchase any ULT upright (SU780XLE) freezers and receive half your racks for free.
  • Multiple promotional discounts will not apply.
  • Limited to 2” and 3” side-access racks with the following part numbers:
    – 780-R-542
    – 780-R-533

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Product Bundle


15 FREE 780-R-542 racks with SU780XLE purchase.


15 FREE 780-R-542-81 racks with SU780XLE purchase.


15 FREE 780-R-533 racks with SU780XLE purchase.


15 FREE 780-R-533-81 racks with SU780XLE purchase.


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