Stirling Ultracold Launches New Undercounter Model SU105U

Stirling Ultracold has introduced the Model SU105U ultra low freezer, an efficient 3.7 cu.ft. (105 liter) cabinet that delivers stable, uniform -86°C storage on less than 200 watts of electrical power from an AC or DC power supply. The freezer operates on a fraction of the operating costs of conventional cascade refrigeration systems.

The thin-wall, vacuum panel insulated freezer consumes up to 50% less energy than same-size freezers, and assists laboratories in meeting LEED criteria for green building initiatives and energy rebates from power companies.

Ideal for personal or local storage of pre-frozen biologicals, pathology specimens and other materials, the freezer operates on conventional 120V, 60Hz or 220V, 50Hz power; special wiring is not required. When stacked, two SU105U cabinets create 7.4 cu.ft. (210 liters) ultra low storage volume in a compact 5.25 sq.ft. footprint (0.46m2).

The SU105U does not use refrigeration compressors. Cooling is achieved by a patented, non-cycling free-piston Stirling engine coupled to an isothermal thermosiphon which operates without moving parts.

The Stirling Humm™ self-modulating cooling system demands only 230 watts at ambient start-up and then decreases for most efficient performance at its lowest setpoint temperature anywhere within the operating range of -86°C to -20°C.

All systems are controlled and reported by an integral control, alarm and monitoring system. Setpoints and reports are accessed through an intuitive graphic user interface to display operating temperature, reserve cooling capacity and status functions through multiple menus and sub-menus. Secure touchpad inputs permit access to control and alarm setpoints, temperature mapping and profiling and real-time predictive performance metrics.

Complete details, literature downloads, ordering information and a copy of the CE Certification are published on this site.

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