Stirling Ultracold Named 2018 Supplier of the Year by VWR, Part of Avantor

ATHENS, Ohio — Stirling Ultracold, innovative developer and manufacturer of ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers and division of Global Cooling Inc., was recently named “2018 Supplier of the Year” by VWR, who honors several of its valued suppliers each year at the company’s annual Americas Sales Conference.

The recognition further solidifies Stirling Ultracold as a leader in the life science and biopharma research community, providing ULT solutions that help advance research for curing disease in laboratories throughout the world. Stirling Ultracold also won VWR’s 2017 Supplier of the Year award in the Equipment, Instruments and Chromatography category.

“Providing innovative, environmentally-sustainable and high-value ULT storage solutions to our customers is always priority number one for us,” said Neill Lane, President and CEO of Stirling Ultracold. “We’re especially honored to receive this award because it affirms that commitment, as well as the mutual growth of our continuing partnership with the VWR team.”

The annual Supplier of the Year Award is voted on by VWR sales representatives and recognizes the top supplier for accomplishments and excellence in operations, sales support and customer service.

Featuring unique free-piston Stirling engine cooling technology, Stirling Ultracold freezers are used in laboratory settings and are the most environmentally-sustainable ULT freezers in the industry. The freezers preserve lab samples and store materials requiring extremely low temperatures while also offering the industry’s most storage capacity per footprint, highest energy-efficiency and lowest cost of ownership.

About Stirling Ultracold

Manufactured and developed by Global Cooling, Inc. in Athens, Ohio, Stirling Ultracold’s ultra-low temperature freezer products feature the industry’s first reliable cooling technology, using the free-piston Stirling engine. This innovation has allowed the company to provide a new generation of environmentally-sustainable ULT freezers that achieve stable storage conditions over a wide temperature range. Using less than one-third the electric power of standard compressor-based ULT freezers, as validated by the industry’s first ENERGY STAR® partnership for ULT freezers, Stirling Ultracold freezers were also the first in the U.S. to use 100 percent natural refrigerants.

In addition to its SU780XLE upright ultra-low freezer, Stirling Ultracold offers the compact under-counter SU105UE freezer for small-volume storage, and the easily transportable Shuttle™ Model ULT-25NE, which is the only portable ULT solution for remote clinical trials and biologic drug delivery.

To request information about Stirling Ultracold and its innovative line of ultra-low freezers, call 740-274-7900 or visit the company’s website at 

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