Biorepository Reduces ULT Storage Costs and Earns Rebates with Stirling Freezers

When a biostorage service provider with multiple biobanking facilities in the northeastern U.S. decided to replace several aging ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers, they didn’t realize all the benefits that would result. The commercial biorepository operator was looking to further improve ULT storage reliability and biospecimen safety for their research and cold chain logistics clients by operating the latest models.

After exploring several upright ultra-low freezer models and manufacturers, the company discovered that one model wasn’t like the others and featured a new cooling system technology. By virtue of its efficient free-piston Stirling engine, the ENERGY STAR®-certified SU780XLE from Stirling Ultracold would reduce energy costs and operating carbon footprint, while also qualifying for energy incentive rebates from their regional electric utility provider.

The Energy Rebate Value Add

Many utility companies have recognized the dramatic energy savings that come from replacing legacy ultra-low freezers with Stirling Ultracold models and have provided our customers with $1000’s in energy incentives. As we have done for many research organizations, the Stirling team worked with the local utility on behalf of this biobanking customer to secure $15,600 in prescriptive energy rebates for replacing inefficient, legacy ULTs with 13 high-efficiency SU780XLE units. This rebate earned the customer more than the equivalent value of a free Stirling freezer!

Better Biobanking ROI and Quality

Even before factoring in energy rebates, the company had already projected the new Stirling freezers would deliver significant operating cost savings from reduced energy use and HVAC operation, in addition to minimizing maintenance and floor space costs, all of which will achieve an ROI in relatively few years.

With the advanced stability and monitoring capabilities of Stirling engine powered ULT freezers protecting their precious sample inventory, the biostorage provider achieved their goals while lowering their biorepository operating cost per sample at the same time.

Learn Why Less Is More When It Comes to ULT Freezer Replacement.

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