The Pros and Cons of Ultra-Low Temp Freezer Rooms

An ultra low temperature (ULT) freezer room is an environmentally controlled space that is designed to store large volumes of temperature-sensitive products such as human cellstissuesvaccines, and other laboratory samples at ultracold temperatures. Freezer rooms are utilized in spaces where high storage capacity is required and provide the following advantages: 

Built for Efficient storage and flexibility

Freezer rooms are typically constructed out of stainless steel or painted white aluminum hallways and white suspended ceilings. Each internal compartment is stainless steel and has configurable stainless steel product shelving. The lighting is typically fluorescent or incandescent but it is based on the temperature conditions. Moisture infiltration is minimized with positive pressure supplied by a dryer. Due to fewer space constraints, samples can be stored in varying ways and sizes. 

Maintenance cost

When compared to a bank of several freezers, maintenance costs can often be reduced since only one unit is being serviced. 


Many freezer rooms are controlled by a temperature monitoring system and provide a backup energy generator to protect against power failure. Other features typically include a protective outer door, insulated inner door, and premium insulation, which keeps heat out while minimizing frost. 

Despite these advantages, freezer rooms do have drawbacks: 

Freezer access and temperature fluctuation

Temperature fluctuation may occur if the freezer room door is constantly being opened and closed or during long sample transfer waiting periods bringing products in and out of the freezer. Due to this, freezer access must be limited throughout the day. Staff must be extremely efficient when moving in and out of the freezer room in order to ensure sample integrity. 

Ensuring safe operating protocols

Due to the extremely cold temperatures at which samples must be kept, proper protective clothing must be worn and employee time working in the freezer room must be limited. 

Stirling Ultracold Ultra-Low Freezers “Rooms”

An alternative to freezer rooms are “freezer farms”, a group of ultracold freezers, which can be used when capacity and space are a prime consideration. In addition, using ULT freezer farms in place of freezer rooms can greatly reduce the impact on a lab’s environmental footprint, due to the energy required to get a ULT device cooled to the required temperatures. 

Stirling Ultracold has a range of options that will meet your needs and budget, but the upright SU780XLE ULT will maximize storage capacity with minimal energy and floor space requirements. When compared to standard compressor based ultra-low freezers, it uses 70-75% less energy and helps to save on electrical and HVAC costs. In addition, this model uses EPA SNAP-approved 100% natural refrigerants and has the largest cu ft/m storage capacity per sq ft/m of floor space. 

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