Science Agency’s Real Time Data Confirms Stirling ULT Freezer Uses Less than Half theEnergy

(Athens, Ohio, USA) In a study now being shared on the CSIRO Freezer Energy Monitoring Dashboard, online visitors can see real time energy usage of Stirling Ultracold’s ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer compared with two cascade-compressor ULT freezers. Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), worked with Bioline to set up the energy monitoring study. The CSIRO online dashboard consistently shows the Stirling SU780UE upright freezer using less than half the energy of the two other ULT freezers in real time.

Neill Lane, President and CEO of Stirling Ultracold commented, “With energy comparison data available in real time for the world to see, there’s no need to take our word for it. You can just look at the data online and see for yourself that our unique Stirling engine technology uses less than half the electric power of cascade ULTs.”

Online visitors can see Stirling’s 780L freezer (27.5 cu. ft.) using about a quarter of the energy per liter of storage when compared to the smaller cascade 386L freezer (13.6 cu. ft.). This level of energy savings is significant because many research laboratories have installed hundreds of cascade-compressor ULT freezers, each typically using the same amount of energy as an average U.S. household.

The free-piston Stirling engine used in the SU780UE is a reliable alternative to conventional ultra-low freezers with cascade refrigeration systems. Using no compressors, the Stirling upright model has the largest storage volume per sq. ft. of floor space of any available ULT freezer, a cooling temperate range from -20°C to -86°C and uses a universal power system allowing an input voltage range of 100V to 240V (±10%) at either 50 or60Hz with no current surge.

About Stirling Ultracold

Designing, manufacturing and supporting the industry’s first reliable ultra-low temperature cooling technology using the free-piston Stirling engine, Stirling Ultracold offers an alternative to inefficient cascade refrigeration systems used in all competing products. This ULT storage solution uniquely provides sustainability benefits, using less than 110 grams of 100% natural refrigerants and at least 50% less power than cascade systems freezers. Independent customer tests confirm that the Stirling Ultracold freezer offers unmatched temperature stability, better pull down from ambient, faster recovery following door openings, with dramatically lower operating and total lifecycle costs. This combination of energy efficiency and minimal use of refrigerants reduces the Stirling Ultracold carbon footprint to less than half that of any competing product. The freezer and Stirling cooling engine are both manufactured in the United States at Global Cooling’s Athens, Ohio facility. In addition to the award-winning Model SU780U, Stirling Ultracold offers a range of unique Stirling cooled ultra-low temperature freezers including easily transportable Shuttle™ Model ULT-25N and the compact under counter or benchtop SU105U freezer for small-volume storage.

For more information or to request more information about the Stirling Ultracold Model SU780UE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer, contact Stirling Ultracold Sales or call 740-274-7900.

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