Stirling Ultracold Offers Connectivity for Smarter Lab Integration

ULT freezer provides ability to monitor sample storage beyond the status quo

ATHENS, Ohio — Stirling Ultracold, innovative developer and manufacturer of ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers for life science and biopharma research, announced today an ethernet connectivity option is now available for their upright SU780XLE ULT freezer.

This freezer’s connectivity leverages on-site wireless or wired infrastructure to transmit information in BACnet™ protocol to a building management system (BMS), and/or building automation system (BAS). Data can also be transmitted from inside the freezer via MQTT protocol for connections to internet- or intranet-based data aggregation programs, allowing users to monitor freezer information remotely using programs and software already embedded in their operations. The freezer automatically sends only data that has changed every three seconds, so it doesn’t tax data storage media with unwanted duplicate data.

“These ULT connectivity options allow the SU780XLE to communicate freezer monitoring data beyond the status quo of temperature and temperature limits,”

said Scott Masiella, Director of Product Management, Stirling Ultracold.

“While it is common in the industry to use dry contacts, 4-20 mA signal transmission or third parties in order to monitor limited data with a time stamp, this new feature from Stirling Ultracold is able to monitor more than temperature to the user, offering greater piece of mind and awareness of freezer conditions. For instance, it can remotely indicate an alarm or communicate when a freezer door is open and determine how long it’s been open when someone is not present or near the freezer.”

Users can choose to receive to alerts for: time/date of every data point (temperature and events); cabinet temperature; door status; detailed alarm information, including diagnostic faults and maintenance issues; and battery status.

To learn more, download the ULT freezer Connectivity Solution Guide.

About Stirling Ultracold

Stirling Ultracold, a division of Global Cooling, Inc., manufactures and sells environmentally sustainable ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers for the global market from its headquarters in Athens, Ohio. Powered by the free-piston Stirling engine, and the first in the U.S. to use 100 percent natural refrigerants, these upright and undercounter ULT freezers use less than one-third the electric power of standard compressor-based ULT freezers, as validated by the industry’s first ENERGY STAR® partnership for ULT freezers. The company also produces the industry’s only portable ULT solution available for remote clinical trials and biologic drug delivery. For more information, please call 740-274-7900, or visit the company’s website.

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