Stirling Users Increasingly Rewarded with Energy Rebates and Incentives

As the significant energy savings made possible by Stirling Ultracold freezers are now universally confirmed through independent testing and EPA ENERGY STAR® Final Test Method results, it’s not surprising that several major U.S. electric utility companies are offering rebates to research organizations who adopt our ULT freezers.  Many sustainability-conscious research institutions are also now incentivizing the purchase of our freezers by offering their own internal rebate programs.

Below is the growing list of utilities and research organizations that have implemented ULT energy rebate/incentive programs for buying our freezers so far . . .

  • Duke University
  • Eversource Energy (formerly NStar) rebate for:
    Harvard University Faculty of Arts & Sciences
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company rebates for:
    Bay area commercial biotech and biopharma users
    University of California San Francisco
  • San Diego Gas and Electric rebate for:
    University of California San Diego
  • Seattle City Light rebates for:
    University of Washington Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • Stanford University
  • University of California Riverside
  • University of Pennsylvania

It’s quite possible that your research organization could also benefit from a utility or internal energy rebate program for ULT freezer replacement with Stirling Ultracold models.  Contact your utility or Stirling Ultracold representative to help with setting up the rebate process.

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