Third-Party Data Shows Stirling Uses Less than Half the Energy in Real Time

You can now view Stirling Ultracold’s ULT Freezers’ energy-efficiency in real time on the CSIRO Freezer Energy Monitoring Dashboard provided by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia’s national science agency.  With the excellent help of our distribution partner, Bioline, this live feed continually monitors the power output of three ultra-low freezers. This live comparison shows our freezer using significantly less than half the energy of the competitors’ cascade freezers.  Now you don’t need to take our word for it, just go look at the data in real time!

Full day hourly energy usage average of ULT Freezers. (source:

You’ll note that the Stirling SU780 uses far less power than the other two freezers, even though it’s cooling a larger volume.  In fact, if you compare our 780L freezer (27.5 cu. ft.) with the cascade freezer listed at 386L (13.6 cu. ft.), you can calculate that the Stirling uses about a quarter of the energy per liter.

With a respected governmental research agency now monitoring and sharing this energy comparison data in real time for the world to see, there’s really no reason left to doubt the generous energy and cost savings delivered by Stirling freezers over cascade-compressor models.

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