BloodStor is a series of generic cGMP freeze media products used to cryopreserve stem cells, other cells, and cell components isolated from umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood, bone marrow, and other biologics. All BloodStor products are formulated using USP – grade components and Water for Injection (WFI) quality water. BloodStor products are quality tested against robust release criteria; including USP <71> Sterility and USP <85> Endotoxin testing standards, and are manufactured under cGMP.

BloodStor 100 Biopreservation Media

BloodStor 100 contains 100% USP grade DMSO and is packaged in 50 mL and 100 mL vials.

BloodStor 100 Product Information Sheet (PDF)


BloodStor 55-5 Biopreservation Media

BloodStor 55-5 contains 55% USP-grade DMSO and 5% USP grade Dextran 40 in injection quality water (WFI) and supports a common cord blood processing protocol. The product is packaged in single-use sterile 5.6mL and 7.2mL vials, single use syringes, and 1000 mL bags.


BloodStor 27 NaCl Biopreservation Media

BloodStor 27 NaCl contains 27% USP grade DMSO in saline manufactured with Water for Injection (WFI) quality water. Bags have SCD tubing for closed system access and a luer for aseptic connection. BloodStor 27 NaCl supports research and development applications such as for the cryopreservation of platelets. The product is packaged in 80mL and 110mL bags.

BloodStor 27 NaCl Product Information Sheet (PDF)