Consistent thawing solution for your precious cryopreserved biologic materials

ThawSTAR CB is designed to consistently thaw large volume cryobags early in the R&D phase and scaled into high-volume commercial manufacturing. The water-free system is the answer to unique technical challenges that scientists face today such as scalability, reproducibility and product viability.

Is your current thawing method reproducible?

The ThawSTAR CB eliminates operator error and day-to-day variations that can often be seen in water bath. It is possible for ThawSTAR CB technology to be applied to GMP environments or integrated into SOPs with internal validation testing by customers.

Out with the old, In with the new – a simple, safe and scalable option for cryobag thawing

ThawSTAR CB’s patent-pending heating technology and real-time temperature sensing analytics manage heat application and record biomaterial temperature for a reliable and documented thaw.


Breakthrough thawing technology

  • Intuitive touchscreen LCD display controls the entire thaw process, results archive, and user access
  • Automated drawer equipped with audible tone when the thaw is completed
  • Pre-configured, industry standard thawing profiles with 6 standard bag options
  • An uneditable thaw archive is stored in internal memory and can be accessed and exported by an admin user

  • Recover your precious biomaterial with a built-in emergency release lever in case of power loss
  • 2-8 minute thawing time depending on biosample and cryopreservation conditions
  • Customizable thawing profiles specific to your application

Does your valuable therapeutic require a customized thawing profile?

BioLife Solutions’ Optimization Services connects BioLife experts with organizations to develop profiles that achieve the best thawing outcomes, time and time again. Please contact us to learn more about customization services.

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ThawSTAR CB is for research or further manufacturing use.