Amy DuRoss

As CEO and co-founder of Vineti, Amy has led the company and its software as a service platform to the forefront of innovation supporting cell and gene therapy manufacturing, delivery and patient follow up. Before co-founding Vineti, Amy focused on healthcare new business creation for GE Ventures/healthymagination. Prior to GE, Amy was chief business officer at Navigenics, a genomics company sold to Life Technologies in 2012. She was co-founder and executive director of Proposition 71, California’s $3B stem cell research initiative passed in 2004, as well as chief of staff at the resulting state grant oversight agency. Amy holds an MBA and MA/BA in English from Stanford University. She was named a 2016 Health Innovator Fellow by the Aspen Institute. Amy also serves as a member of the board of directors for the ARM Foundation for Cell and Gene Medicine.