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biologistex™ is BioLife Solution’s new cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) application for shipment initiation and real time status monitoring of temperature sensitive biological payloads. Working in concert with the evo line of Smart Shippers, the biologistex application receives live data streams transmitted in real time from the evo unit while in transit. Critical payload information such as location, payload temperature, pressure, humidity, and tilt is provided to users through a unique customizable application. The evo can even determine if and when it’s been opened through its dual visible and infrared light sensor technology.  Frequency of these data feeds are determined by the user, and can be changed mid shipment if the situation demands. 

biologistex manages your high value payload shipments throughout the entire process. Create a shipment straight from the application with fully integrated carrier APIs. Add contacts, configure templates, and print air bills for UPS and other carriers at will with additional carriers being added in the future. Set performance variables to measure and track your package. Combine that with one of the most flexible and robust alerting and notification engines available, and biologistex puts you in control of your shipment – and your cells viability. And when you are done, print post shipment reports and  leverage tools to get the evo back to you.

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