BioT™ ULT Mobile Workstation

< -70°C to -50°C dry ice-based mobile workstation

BioT ULT Workstation is a breakthrough solution for handling and transporting valuable temperature-sensitive biosamples, or freezing samples at collection site.

The dry-ice based BioT ULT Mobile Workstation provides a secure ultra-low temperature (ULT) -75°C to -50°C work zone for processing or transporting critical frozen samples. The patent-pending DIR™ cooling insert technology ensures that samples are completely immersed in temperatures below -50°C during the operating period. Requiring dry ice, the chamber equilibrates to -50°C within 30 minutes and continues to cool for over 15 hours with the lid open with a single charge of dry ice.

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Item description

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Part Number: AST-508
Dimensions: Internal: 105.4 x 33.0 x 35.5 cm / 41.5 x 13.0 x 14.0 in External: 152.4 x 71.1 x 44.5 cm / 60.0 x 28.0 x 17.5 in
Color: Blue
Hours of <-50˚C cooling: Lid open: over 15 hours
Dry Ice: 41 kg (90 lb)
Working depth <-50˚C: up to 25.4 cm (10 in)