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Stirling Ultraguard™

-70°C Phase Change Material

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Stirling Ultraguard™

A new safeguard to further protect your high-value biological materials from temperature excursions… No matter what!

Stirling Ultraguard™

Stirling Ultraguard™ sealed bricks are filled with non-toxic, -70°C Phase Change Material (PCM) that is exclusively designed to extend ultra-low temperature (ULT) passive holdover time for up to 8 hours when appropriately conditioned and placed inside of a ULT25NEU portable ULT freezer. Stirling Ultraguard is designed to extend temperature holdover time in other ULT freezers when applied appropriately.


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Now your high-value biological assets can be further protected when unpowered, for longer…

  • If electric power is not available or lost unexpectedly
  • In remote locations where stable, continuous power is unavailable
  • During limited-range transport of temperature sensitive samples
  • For replacing dry ice with a reusable and safer alternative

By combining the ULT25NEU with Stirling Ultraguard™ ULT storage can be extended virtually anywhere, regardless of power, infrastructure or dry ice availability – even in remote, rural and underdeveloped regions.

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-70°C PCM and ULT 25 portable freezer
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