Freezer Racks

Upright ULT freezer

Freezer Racks

What is a ULT freezer rack?

Racks are storage inventory systems used inside ultra-low-temperature (ULT) freezers to simplify and organize biological samples or vials. Racks consist of a series of drawers and/or stainless-steel shelf supports to section off parts of the freezer and efficiently categorize the materials within the freezer.

ultra-low freezer racks

Stirling Ultracold offers a comprehensive line of stainless-steel rack solutions for your ULT freezer:

  • Organize the freezer to simplify sample selection and reduce sort time
  • Optimize freezer space to maximize payload
  • Protect samples from handling and impact damage
  • Lifetime warranty on workmanship

SU780XLE Racking Options

  • 2″ and 3″ Standard Box Racks
  • 2″ Standard (700) Box High-Density Rack
  • Microtiter Plate Racks
  • Micronic Plate Racks
  • 15/50mL Micro/Conical Tube Racks

SU105UE Racking Options

  • 2″ and 3″ Standard Box Racks
  • Vial Storage Kit

ULT25NEU Vial Storage Kit

2″ and 3″ Box Options

Custom Rack Solutions

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