After five days in the cold, do your cells look like those on the left, or those stored in HypoThermosol?

Biopreserved in Home-Brew Media

Biopreserved in HypoThermosol

Over 365 Articles, Abstracts, and Posters Citing the Biopreservation Efficacy of CryoStor and HypoThermosol.

Will CryoStor freeze media and HypoThermosol storage media preserve cells, tissues, and organs better than your alternatives?

We have dozens of studies, tests, and reviews that provides evidence that BioLife products outperform commercially available alternatives and ‘home-brew’ biopreservation media.

If you want to extend cell stability, improve cell viability, and lower the average cost per delivered dose of your cell therapy product (arguably the most important metric once safety and efficacy are proven), read on or ask one of our scientists directly.

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Cryopreservation Freeze Media

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Delineating the Critical Process Parameters for Cell Therapy Cryopreservation

The prats and pitfalls of assessing cell viability after cryopreservation.  

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Continued Outgrowth of Cord Tissue-Derived Cells Over Multiple Platings From Cord Tissue Cryopreserved as a Composite Material


Scalable Xeno-Free Expansion of Human Mesenchymal Stromal Cells in a Single-Use, Vertical-Wheel Bioreactor System

ISCT 2016 Brooks-BioLife Poster 5-19-16 Printed VersionNext Generation Technology Procedures and Products Facilitate Biopreservation Best Practices and Increased Viability for Cellular Therapy

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Pub_2-Maxey_CLT-008_2014Development of a Mouse Myeloid Progenitor Cell Therapeutic for Treatment of HS-ARS in BALB/c mice

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Scalability of Allogeneic Stem Cell Manufacturing

Development of a quantitative measurement of mesenchymal stem cells explant outgrowth from umbilical cord tissue

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2014 BEST 65 POSTER Cryopreservation of donor lymphocyte clinical products with conventional 10% DMSO and CryoStor®

Optimisation of cGMP Cryopreservation of hESC using CryoStor® Part 1

Optimisation of cGMP Cryopreservation of hESC-Roslin Cells Optimisation of cGMP Cryopreservation of hESC using CryoStor® Part 2

Poster_Eyrich_ISCT2013_135 GMP-Compliant Production Dendritic Cells

2013CBForum poster abicon Reduced Engraftment Times

IBET_cryopreservation of cardiomyocytes ECI_Page_1 Cryopreservation Of Cardiomyocytes

Effect of Cryopreservation on Cell Viability, Recovery, and Proliferation

Stem Cell Cryopreservation Stability

Gel Improves Stability and Recovery

Cord-Blood-Stem-Cell-Banking_thumb Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking Using CryoStor

Maximizing-Stability-of-Human-Stem-Cells.png Cryopreservation of Adherent Cells Using CryoStor

Cryopreservation Strategies of Adherent Cells

Improving Cryopreservation Yield

Safety Study of Intravenous Injection of Solutions

Accelerated Stability Study

Mitochondrial-Associated Pathway of Apoptosis Contributes to Failure

Cellular Proteomic Alterations Influence Cell Survival

Calpain Activation Contributes to Cell Death

Evolution of Biological Packaging and Biopreservation

Cryopreservation of Hepatocytes

Improved Stability Validation of Peripheral Blood Cell Products

Standardized Drug-Testing Using Tumor Samples

Considerations for cGMP Production of Patient-Specific Cell Therapeutics – A PACT Case Study. Derek JH. Webinar(slides). (2014).

Human-Derived Raw Materials: Controlled, Consistent Collections Enable Successful Manufacturing of Cell-Based Regenerative Medicine Products.

New cryogenic container for clinical cryopreservation of biomaterials


Managing of a Stem Cell Biorepository

Hypothermic Storage & Shipping Media

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