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A first of its kind water-free thawing system

ThawSTAR® is an innovative technology platform for convenient and reproducible thawing of biologics frozen in vials or bags. ThawSTAR® Automated Thawing Systems replace manual water baths that are not standardized and have inherent risks of over-thawing and contamination. ThawSTAR supports cryobags and multiple vial sizes. Additionally, the ThawSTAR Transporters support short-term transport or processing, while maintaining pre-thaw temperature stability.

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Vial Thawing

ThawSTAR® Vial Thawing Systems replace unstandardized manual methods. They can be leveraged early in the R&D phase, scaled into commercial manufacturing and at the end point of use.

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Bag Thawing

ThawSTAR® CB is a water-free thawing system designed to consistently thaw large volume cryobags early in the R&D phase and scaled into high-volume commercial manufacturing.

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