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It Is Our Mission to Support Biopreservation Best Practices

BioLife Solutions is a class-defining cell and gene therapy bioproduction tools and services company. Our solutions give life science companies and clinical researchers significant improvement in shelf life and post-preservation viability and function of biological materials. BioLife Solutions is one of Washington’s best places to work, having been three times named one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, a list curated by Seattle Business Magazine, based on employee survey responses.

White Papers

White papers from BioLife’s experts brings you insight and analysis on today’s industry best practices in biotechnology, biopreservation, and cold chain management.

BioPreservation Today

BioPreservation Today is our FREE quarterly magazine that highlights key insights and industry trends in the world of biopreservation and cold chain shipping. Created in-house, our biopreservation and cold chain experts will keep you up to date on all the industry’s cutting edge topics. We also have made our archives open to the public; so please grab a copy and enjoy.

Technical Manuals

Technical manuals for Biolife Solutions products are available in multiple languages, including operating manuals, quick guides, unloading procedures and more.


Class-defining solutions for biological and pharmaceutical storage.


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