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We know how incredibly valuable your work has become…

Which is why only BioLife offers so many ways to preserve and protect it with -196°C to -20°C storage.

Regardless of your specific storage needs, BioLife advisors are available to create a solution to meet your specific requirements. Our exclusive technologies are developed with purpose, to reduce risk and provide ultimate protection of your value therapies throughout bioproduction.

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CBS Cyrogenic & Controlled Rate Freezers: ≤-193°C

With patented jacket technology containing liquid nitrogen around the chamber, the storage area in these freezers is completely dry, providing industry-leading temperature uniformity, sample integrity, convenience and user safety.

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Stirling Ultracold Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers: -86°C to -20°C

Three ultra-low freezer models deliver high-density storage capacity and up to 70% energy savings over traditional ULT freezers, all of which feature the free-piston Stirling engine system that needs less maintenance because there are no compressors to fail.
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SciSafe Services Biological and Pharmaceutical Storage Services

Work with a trusted and reliable partner for off-site biological material storage, mirror banking, sample management, sample transport and many other included biostorage services. SciSafe, a part of BioLife Solutions, is trusted by top biopharmas, CDMOs and CROs to store over 50 million samples at multiple cGMP-compliant facilities around the world. Applying substantial investments in facilities and 24/7 monitoring with unparalleled sample management expertise from -196°C to +8°C storage, we offer flexible, customer-focused services, including white glove cold chain logistics.

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of Storage Accessories

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