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BioLife maintains an evidence page on our corporate website at with links to presentations, journal articles, abstracts and posters citing the biopreservation efficacy of CryoStor and HypoThermosol.  These citation “evidence” pieces total over 345 strong and is constantly growing!

Individual evidence citations (journal articles, abstracts, and posters citing our products) are searchable by title and keyword and provides a tremendous resource for researchers and clinicians looking for relevant information on cell type, specific biopreservation reagents, and processes others have developed and published.

In addition, we are happy to highlight recent additions to the database; including the following articles:

Henrieta Fraser, Niloufar Safinia ,Nathali Grageda, Sarah Thirkell, Katie Lowe, Laura J. Fry, Cristiano Scottá, Andrew Hope, Christopher Fisher, Rachel Hilton, David Game, Paul Harden, Andrew Bushell, Kathryn Wood, Robert I. Lechler, and Giovanna Lombardi.  A Rapamycin-Based GMP-Compatible Process for the Isolation and Expansion of Regulatory T Cells for Clinical Trials.  Molecular Therapy: Methods & Clinical Development 2018 March; 3:198-209.  doi: 10.1016/j.omtm.2018.01.006

Tregs cryopreserved in CS10, exhibiting high viability and function post-thaw, were used clinically in the ONE study, Clinical Trial NCT02129881.

Matthew E. Brown, Ying Zhou, Brian E. McIntosh, Ian G. Norman, Hannah E. Lou, Mitch Biermann, Jeremy A. Sullivan, Timothy J. Kamp, James A. Thomson, Petros V. Anagnostopoulos, and William J. Burlingham. A Humanized Mouse Model Generated Using Surplus Neonatal Tissue. Stem Cell Reports (2018). doi:10.1016/j.stemcr.2018.02.011

Brown et al. developed the NeoThy humanized mouse model by engrafting NOD/SCID mice with human neonatal thymus tissue obtained from newborn cardiac surgery patients and human umbilical cord blood hematopoietic stem cells, both previously cryopreserved in CryoStor CS10.

Rouzbeh R. Taghizadeh, Kyle J. Cetrulo, and Curtis L. Cetrulo. Collagenase Impacts the Quantity and Quality of Native Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells Derived during Processing of Umbilical Cord Tissue. Cell Transplantation 2018, Vol. 27(1), 181–193. doi: 10.1177/0963689717744787

MSC cell pellets derived from processing in parallel with or without collagenase, suspended in CryoStor CSB were cryopreserved with the addition of BloodStor 55% DMSO-5% Dextran.  Post-thaw, MSCs were evaluated for quantity and quality.

Yongshun Lin, Huimin Liu, Michael Klein, John Ostrominski, So Gun Hong, Ravi Chandra Yada, Guibin Chen, Keron Navarengom, Robin Schwartzbeck, Hong San, Zu-Xi Yu, Chengyu Liu, Kaari Linask, Jeanette Beers, Lugui Qiu, Cynthia E. Dunbar, Manfred Boehm, and Jizhong Zou. Efficient differentiation of cardiomyocytes and generation of calcium-sensor reporter lines from nonhuman primate iPSCs. Scientific Reports 2018 Vol. 8(1): 1-16. doi:10.1038/s41598-018-24074-y

Cryopreservation in CryoStor CS10 provides the means for archiving and distribution of nonhuman primate induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) genetically engineered to express fluorescent calcium indicators, applicable to in vitro drug testing, electrophysiological testing and in vivo transplantation.

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