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Precision cell vial thawing systems

ThawSTAR® Thawing System replaces non-standardized manual methods of thawing samples with controlled profile thawing and can be leveraged early in the R&D phase and scaled into commercial manufacturing and point of care.

Several factors including cell size and choice of cryopreservation media can affect the optimal thawing profile, viability, and function. Additional thawing algorithms can be optimized for your specific application by a BioLife Solutions technical expert to ensure that the optimal thaw rate and cell health is achieved.


Precision cell vial thawing systems

thawstar thawing product

Cell Thawing and Transport System for Optimal Thaw Rate

  • The ThawSTAR CFT2 Cell Thawing System accommodates a 1.8 – 2.0 mL cryogenic vial.
  • The ThawSTAR CFT1.5 Cell Thawing System accommodates a 1.5 mL cryogenic vial.
  • ThawSTAR AT6 Transport and Thawing System for AT-Closed Vial improves the overall handling of biosamples by combining the 6ml AT-Closed Vial technology with BioLife Solutions’ breakthrough ThawSTAR Cell Thawing System.

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