CellSeal® CryoCase™

Rigid container designed specifically for cell and gene therapies

CellSeal CryoCase
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Experience the new
CellSeal® CryoCase™

The CryoCase is the first ever cryo-compatible rigid container designed for closed-system fill and retrieval for larger volumes of fluid (<75mL). The container is transparent, enabling improved end user compliance with USP 790, USP 1790, and other international visible inspection methods, and manufactured under strict environmental and processing controls designed to limit common sources of particulates in single-use disposable manufacturing.  

Early testing has shown viability equivalency with existing bags for multiple cell types.

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Rethink the standard,
replace the bag.

The CellSeal® CryoCase™ has been designed specifically for the cell and gene therapy industry and outpaces cryogenic bag standards on many levels. Currently under an “evaluation-only” release, early feedback has been strong.

  • Versatile fill volumes: 25mL, 50mL and 75mL
  • XL fill line for easier sterile welding
  • Built-in spike ports for closed-system retrieval
  • Transparent, glass-like structure for improved inspectability
  • Rigid design with inherent dampening mechanisms to protect samples during handling
  • Convenient hanger mechanism to engage with fill machines, bag poles or other laboratory equipment
  • Dimensions (sealed): 136mm x 136mm x 14mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight (empty): 74g
  • Material: Cyclic Olefin Copolymer; Spike ports: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Hard case that resists fracture during freezing, storing, shipping, and thawing.
  • Comparable performance against cryobags, when evaluating control-rate freezing profiles, residual loss, cell recovery and cell viability.
  • Easy to handle during manual and automated filling process.

Please download CellSeal® CryoCase™ resources here:

Looking for a compatible,
closed-system for fluid management?

Use the Signata CT-5™ platform for final fill, media
formulation, and bioreactor fill and wash.

As a fluid transfer system, the Signata CT-5 allows reversible flow direction from up to eleven input/output points and three-way control valves allowing closed movement between multiple points.

The CellSeal CryoCase was designed to be compatible with
this system.

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