evo® DV10

It’s more than just a shipper. It’s connected and secure.

LN2 Smart Shipper

Connected and Secure

The DV10 utilizes liquid nitrogen absorbed into a proprietary porous membrane making it “dry” after charging which increases and maintains thermal efficiency.

The evo DV10 Smart Shipper represents the best-in-class performance for cell and gene therapy logistics management. Designed to handle high-value payloads for long-haul international or bulk shipments, the performance is outstanding. With an internal temperature of ≤-180˚C, DV10 Smart Shipper can be upright or on its side during transportation without failure. DV10 is also the fastest LN2 charging unit on the market.

Smartcap cloud storage

Deliver Success with outstanding performance and thermal stability.


The SmartCap design dramatically reduces thermal leakage while also allowing real-time tracking of critical parameters of the shipment while in transit. The integrated sensors continually monitor the ambient and payload temperature, pressure, tilt and battery to keep you informed.

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