Freeze Media for Cells and Tissues

Freeze media
for cells and tissues

Cell-based products originate from biological starting material, such as cells from tissue biopsies, blood, and bone marrow, that can be developed and manufactured ex-vivo into a clinical product. 

These cells require specialized processes to remain viable and functional throughout their life cycle, including methods to enable short- and long-term storage and transport between manufacturing and clinical sites. Selecting the right freeze media for cells and tissues will help overcome the challenges of cell expansion and product preservation throughout cell and gene therapy (CGT) processing. 


Cryopreservation, a method that has been used for decades, employs extremely low temperatures to safeguard cells and tissues for subsequent utilization. This approach encompasses the cooling of cells to exceedingly low temperatures (-196˚C to -70˚C), thereby inducing a suspension of their cellular metabolism.

This suspension effectively preserves the cells indefinitely. The freezing process, if not carefully managed, can lead to an imbalance of solutes and structural damage within cells due to the formation of ice. By employing precise techniques and utilizing a freeze medium comprised of appropriate cryoprotectants and additives, researchers can optimize the post-thaw viability of cells for subsequent cell culture.

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Cryogenic Storage (-196°C to -70°C)

CryoStor is a permeating cryoprotective agent that helps mitigate damage to biologics from the formation of ice during
cryogenic storage. This proprietary freeze media is intended for cryo-preservation at -196°C to -70°C.

Product Image_Cryostor

HypoThermosol® FRS

Refrigerated Storage (+2°C to +8°C)

HypoThermosol is designed to provide maximum storage and shipping stability for cells and tissues at +2°C to +8°C. Across a broad spectrum of cell and tissue types, HypoThermosol FRS has proven effective in reducing post-preservation necrosis and apoptosis.

Product Image_Hypothermosol


BloodStor, is a series of generic cGMP freeze media products used to cryopreserve stem cells, other cells, and cell components isolated from umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood, bone marrow, and other biologics.

Product Image_Bloodstor

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