CellSeal® Connect

Closed-vial filling and retrieval for CGT manufacturing

Closed-System Vials

Weldable tube connections
designed with intermediate CGT processing in mind

CellSeal Connect advances the CellSeal platform with a weldable fill and retrieval tube. Designed with intermediate CGT processing in mind, these vials can be filled in a closed system manner and sterile welded onto downstream processing systems.

Compatible with filling systems like the Signata CT-5™, CellSeal Connect closes out remaining gaps in cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

  • 5 mL and 2 mL vial sizes (maximum fill of 4.9 mL and 1.9 mL respectively)
  • USP Class VI compliant materials
  • Certificate of Compliance per lot provided with each purchase
  • Tubing type: PVC, 0.120” ID x 0.180”
  • Tubing Length: fill line 11.4”
  • Compatible with storage down to -80°C
  • Closed-system concept allows two welds
  • Loading port configured with Luer-activated fitting
  • Sterile vent filter safeguards atmospheric fill and retrieval from contaminants
  • Included PVC tubing permits sterile welding using standard equipment
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation
  • Delivered in single-pouched 4-pack sets

Please download CellSeal Connect resources here:

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CSV 2 / 5

Automated Thawing Systems

Product Image Duo

Are you still using a manual water bath to thaw vials?

Frustrated by inconsistent thaw profiles and cell viability?

Check out the NEW! ThawSTAR® CSV 2 and ThawSTAR® CSV 5 Automated Thawing Systems, now available for CellSeal® Cryogenic Vials and CellSeal® Connect Vials.

ThawSTAR® CSV 2 / 5 Automated Thawing Systems

  • <3 min thaw time
  • Water-free
  • Qualifiable
  • Programmed precision
  • Safer samples
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