Processing and Handling Solutions

Tools that address challenges specific to cell and gene manufacturing needs

Processing and Handling Solutions

Processing and Handling Solutions

Made to alleviate the pain points manual processes, our manufacturing tools bring the power of flexible automation into your facility. We believe in creating solutions to industrywide challenges, working closely with our customers when integrating our tools. From the flexible Signata CT-5™ fluid-handling system to CellSeal® cryogenic storage vials, Sexton’s Processing and Handling Solutions will help you at every step of the cell and gene manufacturing process.

AF-500 Automated
Fill and Seal System

From concept to commercialization, the CealSeal® AF-500 delivers the automation difference in a precision engineered and GMP compatible fill-finish system. For cell and gene therapy developers and manufacturers, the AF-500 provides the path to scale up and standardize through increased accuracy, speed, and productivity. Its versatile design for controlled environments include benchtops, biosafety cabinets, or an isolator.

AF500 Automated Fill and Seal System Product Image

Signata CT-5™

The Signata CT-5™ allows users to incorporate automation early in the manufacturing process without eliminating critical flexibility during process development. The system provides multiple consumable options for various manufacturing techniques to add safety and control to CGT manufacturing.

signata ct-5 product image

CellSeal® Cryogenic Vials

CellSeal® Cryogenic vials are the first purpose-built rigid containers used in the cell and gene therapy industry with hermetically sealed access ports that withstand the challenges of -196 C storage without compromising CCI.

cellseal clear access product image

Closed-System Vials

CellSeal® Connect advances the CellSeal® platform with a weldable fill and retrieval tube. Designed with intermediate activation, transduction and expansion CGT processing in mind, these vials can be filled in a closed system manner and sterile welded onto downstream processing systems.

CellSeal® Connect Closed-System Vials

CellSeal® Vial Adapters

Simplify and standardize your product retrieval. CellSeal® vials’ robust septum design ensures industry leading cryo-compatibility. These adapters are specifically designed to penetrate the septum to an optimal depth promoting maximum recovery of the sample. By removing the variability and safety risks inherent with needle access, the vial adapter is the next generation enhancement to our CellSeal® platform.

Two versions of the CellSeal® vial adapters are available — one designed to be compatible with Luer-lock syringes or fittings and one with weldable tubing.

vial adaptor product image

CellSeal® Radio Frequency Tube Sealing System

Easily access the CellSeal® platform using our radio frequency tube sealer. Sealing unit is specifically tuned for optimal sealing of CellSeal® vials. Compact system offers consistent and reliable sealing to protect your intermediates or final…
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