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Water-free thawing for cryobags

ThawSTAR® CB is a water – free thawing system designed to consistently thaw cryobags early in the R&D phase and scaled into high-volume commercial manufacturing.


Water-free thawing for cryobags

ThawSTAR CB thawing product

Eliminating human error, the cryobag thawing system standardizes and streamlines cell thawing for scalable and reproducible results.

  • Automated algorithm driven thawing with biosample sensing technology.
  • Single-use barrier bag reduces the risk of biosample loss and contamination; and positions cryobags for optimal thaw performance.
  • Patented heating technology and sophisticated real-time temperature driven analytics manage heat application and record biosample temperature for a reliable and reproducible thaws.
  • Compatible with major cryobag manufacturers and sizes; plus optimized plug and play thawing algorithm for cryopreservation conditions.
  • Intuitive software interface that allows access control, enforcement of QC procedures and optimized thawing algorithms. Compatible with common cryobag form factors from popular manufacturers.
  • Connectivity with chain-of-custody solutions to eliminate sample tracking errors.

Please download ThawStar® CB brochure here:

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