Implementation of Biopreservation Best Practices to Address a Critical Component of Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Hosted by Cell and Gene Therapy Insights
Implementation of best practices in formulation can directly address multiple process bottlenecks including: GMP compliance, minimizing freezing damage, support stability during storage and against transient warming events, support post-thaw stability, and excipient qualification. Join presenter Alireza Abazari, MSc, PhD, Scientific Applications Director, BioLife Solutions, Inc as he discusses:
  • Mechanisms of cold/freezing injury
  • Impact of cold/freezing stress on cell characterization
  • Strategies to mitigate cold/freezing injury
Following the presentation, you will have the opportunity to pose your questions to our  Ask the Scientists feature . The Webinar was held on June 18th, 2019, but a recorded version is available on demand here.
As always, BioLife Solutions welcomes your biopreservation questions any time. Please contact us at Ask the Scientists.

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