Delivering a Cost Effective, Practical and Robust Cell Therapy Supply Chain

FDA approvals for  Novartis’ Kymriah™ and Kite’s Yescarta™ in 2017 ushered in a new era of medical treatments using cell and gene therapies.  Transporting these high value, unique, and often irreplaceable autologous cells from point of collection, to processing center, and back to the patient for administration calls for a paradigm change to the traditional cell therapy supply chain. Knowledge of the shipment’s condition (in real time) – tracking, location, and timing are critical. The next generation of liquid nitrogen dry vapor smart shippers, the DV4 and DV10 liquid nitrogen evos (developed by BioLife’s JV partner SAVSU Technologies) features time and temperature stability alerting, onboard electronics, and specialized logistics provided by World Courier. These new robust yet reduced weight containers signal shipment status and location in real time to the cloud-based SaaS application; and are quickly becoming the new cell and gene therapy cold chain shipping paradigm. Additional insights on this new paradigm can be found in a recent article written by Savsu President Bruce McCormick in  World Courier Insights.

Aside from shipping the cells, what biopreservation media are you using?  Extend the paradigm even further by preparing  cells, tissues, and organs in HypoThermosol®FRS and DMSO-containing CryoStor®, cGMP-manufactured by BioLife Solutions, Inc. Off-the-shelf, optimized, fully defined, serum-free and protein-free biopreservation media for transportation and storage of critical cellular material. Team up with BioLife, Savsu and World Courier to assure your patients’ cells arrive alive.

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