Growth Supplement Boosts CAR-T Cell Performance – Sexton Biotechnologies Releases T-Cell Specific Human Platelet Lysate

Sexton Biotechnologies today announced the launch of T-Liven-PR, a T-Cell validated Human Platelet Lysate (hPL) shown to generate highly potent CAR-T Cells.

T-Liven-PR, a pooled hPL treated with pathogen reduction technology, is released against a T-cell growth performance assay and has been shown to significantly increase the percentage of T cells with naïve (TN) and central memory (TCM) phenotype compared with cells expanded in human AB Serum or FBS. In a published study through collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine (Torres Chavez et al., Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer), it was demonstrated that CAR-T cells expanded in medium supplemented with T-Liven-PR as a replacement of human AB serum or FBS show enhanced proliferation and prolonged persistence in vivo. Importantly, T-Liven-PR grown cells resulted in a potent anti-tumour response in both a Haematological and Solid Tumour Mouse models, with significantly improved survival rates and tumour reduction.

“By expanding CAR T cells in T-Liven-PR supplemented medium, we can preserve less-differentiated memory phenotype of CAR T cells containing TN and TCM associated with superior anti-tumour function,” said Dr. Norihiro Watanabe, the study’s lead author. “The improved survival of animals treated with CAR T cells expanded in solely different media supplement was an unanticipated but exciting result.”

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