T-Liven PR™: Market Leading
Improvement in T-Cell Potential

T-Liven PR impacts in vitro and in vivo T-Cell Performance in three critical ways*

T-Liven PR™: Market Leading Improvement in T-Cell Potential


Compared to cells grown in FBS or AB Serum, T-Cells expanded in T-Liven PR have been show to maintain a higher percentage of Central Memory and Naive phenotypes.


When used to treat murine solid and liquid tumor models, CAR-T cells grown in T-Liven PR were found to persist longer and were effective against a secondary tumor challenge.

BL T-Liven Solid Tumor-Increased T-cell Residence Image
BL T-Liven Solid Tumor Increased T-Cell Residence Quantification


In both a primary tumor model and in a re-challenge model, CAR T cells grown in T-Liven PR resulted in better tumor killing effect and survival.

BL T-Liven Liquid Tumor Survivability image

* Torres Chavez, A., McKenna, M.K., Canestrari, E. et al. Expanding CAR T cells in human platelet lysate renders T cells with in vivo longevity. j. immunotherapy cancer7, 330 (2019). https://doi.org/10.1186/s40425-019-0804-9

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