Precision Thawing Solutions

A first of its kind water-free
thawing system

An innovative technology platform for convenient and reproducible thawing of biologics frozen in vials and bags. The system replaces manual water baths that are not standardized and have inherent risks of overthawing and contamination. Supporting cryobags and multiple vials sizes. In addition, the transporter systems support short-term transport or processing that maintains pre-thaw temperature stability.

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Bag Thawing

ThawSTAR® CB is a water – free thawing system designed to consistently thaw large volume cryobags early in the R&D phase and scaled into high-volume commercial manufacturing.

Vial Thawing

ThawSTAR® Vial Thawing Systems replace unstandardized manual methods. They can be leveraged early in the R&D phase and scaled into commercial manufacturing and point of care.

Pre-thaw Transport

Breakthrough portable solution for handling and transporting valuable frozen biological materials and temperature sensitive samples, or freezing samples at a collection site.