Biopreservation Extends Shelf-Life and Eases Logistics for Starting Materials in CGT

The cell and gene therapy (CGT) industry is experiencing tremendous translational and clinical success, which has enabled commercial realization. This success has also paved the way for a wealth of new companies and clinical trials targeting further advancement in the treatment of life-threatening diseases. However, despite its success, the industry is addressing ongoing challenges. A […]

Biopreservation Best Practices For Your Cryopreservation Process May Optimize Your Post-Thaw Viable Recovery

Cell-based therapies originate from biological starting materials like blood, bone marrow, or tissue. The cells obtained often require specialized processes and temperature-sensitive protection to remain viable throughout the bioproduction lifecycle. Cryopreservation, or the process of freezing biological materials at ultra-low or cryogenic temperatures, is one of these processes. At low temperatures cell metabolism which might […]

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