Biostorage Reimagined

The world
has changed,
biostorage is
changing with it.

Today’s biostorage needs
are best solved customized,
future-focused thinking
with innovative equipment.

With life science looking quite different today,
biostorage must also be different to meet the new
challenges. Gone are the days of simply selecting and
operating ultra-low freezer brands you trusted back
in undergrad microbiology lab. Biostorage solutions
must now be connected, adaptable and future-focused.
That requires working with the right partners and
embracing a consultative mindset along the way.

Download our

Four life science megatrends and
the reimagining of biostorage.


One size no longer fits all. The best solutions can draw from any of the four biostorage approaches discussed in our white paper.


Owned and maintained biostorage capital equipment (freezers) in a centralized, on-campus biorepository


Biostorage using all outsourced partner facilities and sample management at offsite location(s)


Combined use of outsourced biostorage facilities and sample management with customer owned equipment and processes

Remote Deployment

Decentralized and field-based biostorage appliances, typically adjunct to a centralized hub, using owned or partner resources


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