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SciSafe makes outsourcing of sample management affordable, easy and more efficient for our clients.

Pharmaceutical/ICH Stability Storage

SciSafe offers a variety of storage conditions for pharmaceutical samples. We have the necessary temperature environments for ICH Stability Testing as well as Vaccine Storage, Bulk API, Clinical Retains, and all possible custom conditions. SciSafe undertakes many custom temperature stability storage projects, ranging from very hot and humid to ultra-cold as well as cycling studies. Whether clients are storing 1 cu ft or 10,000 cu ft, our pharmaceutical stability storage facilities located in New Jersey offer the same customer-focused service, allowing for industry-leading control of and access to their samples. With integrated logistics, SciSafe is able to make pharmaceutical testing, outsourcing, and sample management seamless and efficient for our customers.

Sample types stored

pharmaceutical stability temperature thermometer

Sample types stored

»  ICH Stability Storage (all standard and any custom condition)

»  Vaccine storage

»  Clinical trials and pre-clinical research

»  Medical device

»  Clinical retains

»  Bulk API

»  Shipping lane studies

»  Stress testing

»  Packaging/pallet testing

»  CAR-T and Immunotherapy

»  Re-agent storage and fulfillment

»  Cell line and compound libraries

»  DNA storage and fulfillment

»  Custom

Why choose SciSafe?

SciSafe’s leading principles are to provide its clients with the best quality of service and depth of knowledge available in the industry.

At SciSafe, we’re dedicated to maintaining premier storage conditions for pharmaceutical samples throughout the United States. Our facilities currently operate with over 86 SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). We also focus on specimen storage and cold chain management for all of our clients’ products.

The system works parallel with our SOPs and is entirely automated and fully compliant. The Sample Management System allows our clients complete access to their samples as if they were in the same building. For ICH Stability Testing of Pharmaceuticals, the client is able to request changes in pull dates and monitor real time conditions of their samples as well as run many other reports.

The SciSafe Facility containing the ICH Stability Testing Suite uses the most accurate environmental rooms available and has full backup procedures in place to handle any issues arising including redundant rooms and backup power generation. Elpro Libero Sample Monitoring System: All environmental rooms are constantly monitored by the Elpro Libero Sample Monitoring System. Clients have access to this real time data.

SciSafe manages its own Cold Chain Logistics for shipping where we collect your samples and deliver them directly back to you. This ensures complete chain of custody and you are able to track the shipment in near real time at all stages through our secure web portal.


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