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Lab services provided by Coriell Institute for Medical Research

Added Lab Services with Coriell Partnership

SciSafe, through the Coriell Institute for Medical Research, can now connect its customers to expert lab services for every step of the research process. From establishing immortalized cell lines, testing those lines through extensive quality control protocols, extracting DNA, and reprogramming the cells into state-of-the-art induced pluripotent stem cells, Coriell is ready. When working with SciSafe for sample management and biostorage, be sure to ask about our Coriell partnership and lab services available for your samples.

Partnered Offering

»  DNA & RNA extraction

»  Establishment of cell lines & cell cultures

»  Epigenetics & Bioinformatic analysis

»  Identity testing & sex determination assays

»  Longitudinal collections & biomarker banking

»  Stem cell reprogramming expansion & characterization

»  Sterility & viability testing

»  Sample collections kits

»  Study design

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