Cryogenic Freezers

Cryogenic Freezers

Leading innovation in cryogenic storage for over 30 years.

BioLife Solutions offers an unparalleled range of cryogenic storage solutions. From patented Isothermal freezers with the market’s only dry liquid nitrogen technology, to storage services through managed off-site repositories in the US and Europe, our solutions are unmatched for innovation, quality and security.


Our isothermal freezers are made with an exclusive, patented technology that provides completely dry storage, reducing the risk of cross-contamination with no risk of LN2 leakage or splashing.


Standard Cryogenic

Our standard liquid nitrogen freezers have the largest opening on the market, giving you quick and easy access to all your samples.

Standard Cryogenic Freezers S 3000 AB

Rate Freezers

Offering the largest selection of cryogenic freezer sizes in the industry. Enough capacity to ensure all of your samples are frozen in the same uniform environment.

cylinder-front-load Cryogenic freezer

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