Standard Cryogenic Freezers

Liquid Nitrogen Freezers

Standard Cryogenic Freezers

Secure, Flexible LN2 Storage

S Series Liquid Nitrogen Freezers offer conventional immersion liquid nitrogen storage. Our wide lid opening provides easy, unrestricted access to samples and won’t affect the temperature inside the freezer. All S series freezers use our time-tested and reliable 2301 controller with a dual LN2 tank autofill and many additional features.

  • Round, space-saving design
  • Stainless steel, vacuum insulated vessel
  • Wide lid opening for easy access to all racks
  • Ease of operation plus flexibility to operate vapor storage, immersion storage or a combination of both to store any type or size of sample
  • Each unit includes a liquid level, auto-fill and alarm system to provide security
Standard Cryogenic Freezers

A wide lid opening allows easy access to all racks, and provides an extensive variety of inventory solutions.

s series rack configuration
S-5000EHAB stainless steel Baxter Fenwal 4R9951 canister & frame configuration. 1,140 canister capacity(250ml)
s sereis rack configuration
S-1500AB stainless steel, standard square rack configuration. 9,100 vial capacity

Our S Series liquid nitrogen freezers offer a standard LN2 storage environment, featuring our unique wide lid opening. Our wide lid opening gives you unrestricted access to all your samples.


  • Round space saving design
  • Rust free stainless steel vessel
  • Castor mounted for easy mobility
  • Advanced woven lid gasket design
  • Counter balanced lockable lid
  • Annular fill and sensor tubes
  • SenseAnywhere temperature monitoring (optional)


  • Aluminum square racks
  • Stainless steel square racks
  • Vertical racks
  • Mini racks
  • Canister and frame systems
  • Vials
  • Boxes
  • Canisters / Cassettes
  • Platform dividers
  • Pie Racks
  • Pie Boxes

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