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SciSafe makes outsourcing of sample management affordable, easy and more efficient for our clients.

Pharmaceutical and Biological sample storage

SciSafe understands the importance and value of how to store biological materials. We specialize in the storage of all types of biological pharmaceutical materials at our state-of-the-art cGMP compliant sample management facilities. The same customer focused service, which allows industry leading control and access to critical samples, is available whether you are storing 3 or 30,000,000 samples.

SciSafe integrates cold chain management with cGMP-controlled temperature storage to provide a reliable and comprehensive solution for the management of critical materials. Most importantly, SciSafe realizes in many instances your samples are irreplaceable, and have specific requirement needs.

SciSafe is a registered and audited biostorage facility for HCT/P – Title 21 of Code of Federal Regulation, part 1271 (21 CFR part 1271).

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Clinical trials/ research storage

SciSafe provides comprehensive clinical trial and research material storage solutions. The same cGMP processes and validated equipment are used to provide maximum security and reliability to our clients’ invaluable samples. An electronic inventory system provides unprecedented access and control of customer inventory and allows for simple tools to manage, test results, shipments, and sample destruction in and out of the facility.

Allow SciSafe to inventory and organize your materials either at our biological storage facilities or onsite at your facility.

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Full range of biological sample management services for all samples

SciSafe offers all commonly used storage conditions for biological storage as well as any custom conditions that a customer may require. SciSafe biorepositories are able to maintain and store all types of samples through a wide variety of conditions including -150°C and below, -80°C, -70°C, -40°C, -20°C, and +5°C. SciSafe prides itself in using the most up-to-date biostorage technologies in its specimen storage facility. SciSafe has developed and implemented dedicated industry leading Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to maintain all procedures that are required to guarantee uninterrupted energy supply to our New Jersey, Massachusetts and Utah biological sample storage facilities.

SciSafe’s leading principles are to provide its clients with the best quality of service & depth of knowledge available in the industry. SciSafe’s biorepository was built by applying conventional wisdom in an innovative way to maintain maximum efficiency in its daily operations.

SciSafe has over 86 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) within its network of facilities. A robust Quality Plan and Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) system modeled after the FDA required systems (21CFR Parts 210 & 211) for pharmaceutical manufacturers make SciSafe a valued partner in every stage of drug development and distribution.

SciSafe is cGMP compliant. Its electronic systems including sample inventory, sample monitoring, chain of custody, document control and training are 21CFR Part 11 compliant

The system works parallel with our SOPs and is entirely automated and fully compliant. The Sample Management System not only allows you to have visual access but also control of your samples, leaving clients feeling confident and in charge. For our Biorepository and Cryogenic Storage Suite, the client is able to request sample returns, access the real time conditions of their samples as well as running many other reports.

The SciSafe biological sample storage facility containing the Cryobank Suite uses the most accurate freezers and cryopreservation equipment available. Clients rest assured with SciSafe’s comprehensive backup procedures including redundant freezers, liquid nitrogen backups and on site redundant power generation. With SciSafe’s redundancy system, clients’ samples’ integrity will not be compromised and will remain safe throughout the samples’ lifecycles.

Our biological pharmaceutical rooms are constantly monitored by our market leading sample monitoring system and the client again has access to this real-time data.

SciSafe manages its own Cold Chain Logistics for shipping where we control and retrieve your samples from the minute they leave your facility to the minute they are returned to you. This ensures complete chain of custody and you are able to track the shipment in near real-time through SciSafe’s web portal. This can be particularly critical in cold storage conditions where an out-of-condition state can damage the specimens in a very short period of time. For our Cold Chain logistics, we use the Greenbox thermal management system to maintain your materials at the conditions specified in the protocol.


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