Rules for shipping pharmaceutical

There are stringent rules for shipping pharmaceuticals, sample storage, and sample management. If those rules are not strictly adhered to, you risk losing years of research. Meeting cold chain management requirements starts with having a team of experts on your side.

Being able to focus on the data, the research, and the development should not be compromised by having to worry about the rules of shipping pharmaceuticals and all the other pharmaceutical management details that are necessary to bring a pharmaceutical to market.


If your enterprise is like most research enterprises you are good at what you do but maybe lacking when it comes to the “back office” activities of pharmaceutical regulations. You may not be an expert in certain aspects:

  • The right pharmaceutical requirement for your specific product.
  • Proper sample management once the sample leaves your custody or sample storage.
  • Rules for shipping pharmaceuticals and tracking the chain of custody.

Unfortunately, many research enterprises have discovered ignorance of the rules does not exclude them from the consequences that come from not following the rules. Ensuring that your research is protected starts with having an expert on your team that can take care of all that back office handling.


It is important to have a trusted, experienced partner for your pharma shipping needs and equally as important that partner can be trusted to maintain the highest level of confidentiality. In today’s pharma industry, competition can be very strong. It is vital that you use the source that understands confidentiality is critical.

Learning all the rules and trying to enforce them in-house can be a risk that your enterprise does not want to take. There is enough on your plate to worry about, adding back office management can take you away from where your focus needs to be.

A professional firm with a proven track record can manage everything from sample management to cold storage shipping, keeping you up-to-date on the rules and regulations that you should be complying with. Don’t take your focus away from where it matters the most. Partner with a firm that has the solutions that you need, so you can stay focused.

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