Considerations when choosing a pharmaceutical storage facility

The sensitive nature of biopharmaceutical samples makes storage considerations an imperative factor when outsourcing for storage. Outsourcing storage cuts costs quite significantly and offers an alternative method for stable pharmaceutical storage.

There are many benefits of biobanking that most professionals are familiar with. But choosing the right storage facility for biopharmaceutical storage needs isn’t always easy. There are so many factors to put into consideration that the entire exercise could be overwhelming. However, since you may not have the infrastructure to enable proper pharmaceutical storage, your only option is to outsource storage.

In this piece, we’ll highlight a few crucial factors you should consider when choosing a biological pharmaceutical storage facility. That way, you find a storage partner that can integrate your company’s operations. Moreover, they can offer seamless service and fast delivery without compromising on the diligence of biopharmaceutical storage.


Biobanking is a very meticulous exercise because a two-degree temperature fluctuation could adversely affect or destroy pharmaceutical samples. As such, it is vital to outsource to the right storage facility to avoid such incidents.

Here are a few things to look for in a pharmaceutical cold storage facility.


The rooms and chambers in a storage facility need to have the correct design. Remember, the storage facility may also serve as a makeshift laboratory for interim tests before getting to the actual lab. As such, a good facility is versatile to allow a few lab operations. These operations include UV testing, corrosion testing, and temperature testing, to name a few.

These chambers should also be large enough to store large sample batches to reduce the need for transporting other samples to another facility. It’s easy to overlook the design of the facility, but it does have a significant impact on your company operations.


Interest in cryogenic has gained traction in recent years, especially with the rise in cryopreservation technology. Cryogenics has broad applications in biology, electronics, and even astronomy. Cryogeny is basically the study of the behavior of substances at extremely low temperatures. Because of the low-temperature demands, not a lot of storage facilities have the infrastructure to facilitate cryopreservation for cryogenic studies or operations.

Cryogenics involves cooling to sub-zero temperatures, typically -150 degrees Celsius or lower. A good pharmaceutical samples storage facility has the necessary infrastructure to facilitate cryopreservation and cryogeny.


Not all institutions and companies require the same conditions for their biopharmaceutical storage. Excellent facilities are flexible and can tailor their services to a client’s particular requirements. The pharmaceutical sector requires thorough testing under stressed conditions to substantiate the viability of its products as per ICH standards. However, not all pharmaceutical companies deal in the same products.

The same conditions will be different for DNA preservation or even cryobiology, for that matter. Any reputable facility should be able to cater to your particular firm’s needs. It should also have seamless customer services and, if possible, connect companies to the facility’s senior management to properly straighten matters out.


The primary reason why most companies and institutions outsource their storage is to cut costs. That said, it’s apparent that pharmaceutical storage equipment is expensive. That’s why most companies would rather outsource their storage; it’s a more budget-friendly alternative.

With that in mind, be cautious with storage facilities that have seemingly skimped on their facilities. They may not be the best fit, since they may not have the capacity or technology to store your pharmaceutical samples properly.


Remember to take your time when settling for an outside storage facility. There’s a lot you stand to lose if you settle for the wrong storage provider. Consider other minor factors like customer service, overall professionalism, and quality of their cold chain delivery services. If the storage facility you opt for checks all the boxes, then you can rest assured you’ve made the right decision.

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