Critical factors to consider when selecting a biological sample storage company

Pharmaceutical products and biological samples are some of the most important components in scientific and medical discoveries. These are products that are used to come up with some of the most advanced drugs that we depend on to treat various diseases. Therefore, any pharmaceutical company knows that it has to store and transport its pharmaceutical samples in the most professional way possible.

At some point, most pharmaceutical companies will need to hire a pharmaceutical storage facility for pharmaceutical cold storage and cold shipping solutions. Hiring pharmaceutical storage facilities is a complex process and undertaking, which means that a comprehensive checklist has to be involved in guiding the selection of the best cold storage facility.


It is important to highlight that one of the most important factors on the checklist should be the quality offered by the pharmaceutical storage facility under consideration. Most of the biological samples won’t work at all if their quality is compromised. Therefore, the storage facility must guarantee the quality, not only in writing or oral but through history and previous work is done. It would also be important for clients to check on the equipment and the processes used by the company to enhance and maintain the quality of the pharmaceutical sample.


Pharmaceutical cold storage must guarantee top-notch temperature monitoring techniques and strategies. Most of the pharmaceutical samples are synthesized through proteins, which mean that they are very sensitive to slight temperature changes. Slight temperatures changes of around 2 degrees centigrade could have devastating impacts on the bio ample. 24/7 temperature monitoring should be guaranteed while at the same time ensuring that there are automatic temperature change detectors which will inform on slight temperature changes of less than 1-degree centigrade.


Pharmaceutical samples and products are not only delicate and sensitive to slight changes in temperature or lighting, but they are also worth considerable amounts of money. Therefore, the pharmaceutical storage facility under consideration must guarantee the security of the sample. There should be the necessary video cameras, alarm response systems, and all the storage facilities should be accessed through a magnetic character reader. This means that only an authorized person who will get the chance to access the samples.


When choosing a pharmaceutical storage facility, the industrial experience should be one of the most important things to consider. Experienced staff members know the necessary pharmaceuticals storage conditions because they have been in the industry for a longer period. They know what it takes to keep the storage conditions for pharmaceuticals at optimum levels where temperature, light, and security is under extreme control. There must be a good reason as to why a particular sample storage facility has been in the industry for a longer period.


Everything has been made easier and efficient by the current technology. Therefore, storage facilities should include some of the most advanced innovative techniques to store sample at optimum conditions. Automation should be the language of the biological pharmaceutical facility where everything has been automated to make it more efficient and reliable. Temperature control software should be installed to monitor and regulate even the minute changes in temperature. A company with obsolete storage equipment will provide low-quality sample storage services.


Inventory management is the art of controlling and managing all the samples that have been stored within the cold systems of the biological sample storage facility. It involves all the processes that are involved in receiving, handling, storage, and retrieval of all the pharmaceutical samples within the facility. At every stage of inventory management, sample handling skills are required. Therefore, it is important to make sure that members of the staff have the necessary training. It would also be important to allow sample owners to access their pharmaceutical sample at any day or hour throughout the week.

For cold storage NJ, organizations trust SciSafe because it is a pharmaceutical storage facility that has the best combination of extensive experience and technology in sample storage. The company has been in the industry for a longer period, which means that it is conversant with all the quality services and critical biological sample management aspects.

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