The three benefits of pharmaceutical cold storage

Seven of 10 pharmaceutical samples and products require temperature-controlled storage environments to ensure they remain in a viable state. Pharmaceutical cold storage helps preserve temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical samples to ensure they aren’t compromised.

Due to the strict regulations put on the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring that your pharmaceutical cold storage facilities are up to par is essential to maintaining good standing. There are many different options available, both for general pharmaceutical storage facilities and for the transport of sensitive samples, that you should consider. From walk-in freezers to smaller under-counter options, the variety is perfect for businesses of all types and sizes.


  • 1. A Variety of Uses
    Pharmaceutical cold storage has additional uses that should be considered. Storage units can be uniquely modified for use with a variety of products that require temperature management. From medications and vaccines to sensitive biological samples, cold units can help maintain the integrity of any sensitive material you store within. These units are also specially designed to prevent unwanted fluctuations, allowing a more stable storage environment and a lower chance of compromise. This can help increase efficiency and decrease product waste overall.
  • 2. Free Space
    For businesses limited on space, cold storage solutions are available in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs. One specific benefit is that units can be used internally or externally, depending on how much space you have within your building. These units can also serve as backups or long term storage solutions for things that may not be immediately needed.
  • 3. Energy Efficient
    Pharmaceutical cold storage units are also highly energy-efficient and can help reduce the energy costs associated with storing samples using alternative methods. This is not only due to their design, but because they are constructed to prevent temperature fluctuations they are less likely to waste excess energy by having to balance out temperatures while in use.

Cold storage is essential for many pharmaceutical samples and products. Without proper solutions, products can be at risk of losing validity and sample could risk becoming unusable. Ensure that your facility is properly equipped with temperature-controlled storage to mitigate these risks. Contact SciSafe today to suit your needs.

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