Highly reliable cold chain delivery services for pharmaceuticals reduce risk

Because of cold chain storage mistakes, pharmaceutical companies all over the world lose millions of dollars per year. In fact, by some estimates, temperature mishaps cause pharmaceutical companies to lose $150,000 for every compromised small package shipment. Large, freight shipments are even more costly. While that may simply be a cost of doing business, those losses can be reigned in with the right cold chain delivery solutions.

So why is the pharma industry accepting these losses as if they were unavoidable? Largely because there has been poor planning and deployment of services from the logistics and support companies that are supposed to specialize in cold chain delivery.


The financial losses from the mishandling of pharmaceutical samples are only part of the story. The real loss is in the labor hours and raw materials that were dedicated to that sample and the potential loss of valuable data. If that data is permanently lost, then the losses are even more significant.

In a global supply chain, the odds that something will go wrong somewhere are too high — unless you have the right cold chain delivery provider. To reduce your risk, there’s only one solution: partnering with a pharmaceutical logistics company that has a proven track record with cold chain delivery success. That’s why many of the world’s most trusted pharmaceutical companies trust SciSafe with their most critical and sensitive samples. We have the right processes in place to ensure that your sample is protected throughout the cold chain delivery process.


Cold chain shipping solutions that are focused on managing pharmaceutical samples require a specific set of skills, the proper knowledge base, and a proven infrastructure for proper sample storage. Successful cold chain handling of sample management requires a commitment to perfection.

A small shift in temperature, sometimes as little as a few degrees, can take a sample from viable to unviable in minutes. The right bio storage facility will have the equipment and the skill set to ensure that there is no variation in temperature.


As a leading bio-handling firm, SciSafe regularly evaluates our equipment to ensure that we are working with state of the art equipment that can always deliver uncompromising service. In addition, we have strict quality control processes in place that are documented through published standard operating procedures with a solid contingency plan.

Each staff member is highly trained and thoroughly vetted to ensure compliant, secure handling of your pharmaceutical samples. Maintaining the safest possible conditions for your sampling is always our staff’s top priority.

Maintaining the integrity of your samples throughout your supply chain is never easy. The good news is that you do not have to accept the potential losses as just a part of doing business. Instead, you can choose to partner with the cold chain delivery team that is committed to perfection.

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