What are the qualities of a good cold chain delivery company

Studies show that pharmaceutical companies can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on small package shipments due to temperature fluctuations. Losing that much money due to a lack of environmental control is a significant loss that may cripple the operations of pharmaceutical companies. As a pharmaceutical operations manager, you need to consider reliable cold chain logistics to avoid temperature slips.

There are many cold chain logistics companies offering cold chain delivery services. You need to make sure that you have the best cold chain company to avoid temperature slips during shipment. This article discusses the qualities of a reliable cold chain shipment company.


Before you consider the cold chain company that will help with shipment services, you must analyze its biostorage solutions. Pharmaceutical cold storage is a necessity in any company that offers pharmaceutical shipment services. A situation will arise where your pharmaceutical sample will need to be stored before it can be transported to the required destination. Without an advanced cold storage facility, it will be difficult to keep pharmaceutical products professionally. 


Cold chain sample management is not only tied to transportation and storage. Other sample management activities arise on the way. For example, some pharmaceutical products may need to be separated or moved to various stores. Other products may need to be mixed so that they can yield a specific product. In such circumstances, sample management skills are necessary. Choosing a cold chain delivery service that is effective in all situations when needed is very important. 


Medical facilities, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and universities have different needs and use of pharmaceutical samples. Therefore, most of them don’t require the sample in the same condition. While others require biological samples for research and scientific activities, pharmaceutical facilities need a final product. Tailored shipment solutions are therefore important to ensure that each company gets what it needs when necessary. Choosing tailored shipment solutions prevents sample contamination, which is very common in cold chain services. 


Reliability and availability are two important qualities that you should check in cold chain delivery companies. In most cases, the research institutions don’t have a planned schedule of when they will need a specific sample. Therefore, they frequently operate in emergencies. Without a reliable cold chain logistics company, it will be difficult for such companies to get their sample delivered on time. Being available whenever needed is also a very important factor of a cold chain company that you should always be considered. 


With the advancement in technology, choosing a pharmaceutical company with the highest level of technology incorporation is essential. Incorporating innovation in sample handling and transportation is necessary as it reduces incidences of contamination while at the same time enhancing the quality of the sample. Therefore, when employing cold chain logistics services, you should make sure that you consider a company that has incorporated advanced technology in its storage facilities and shipment services. 


Choosing a company with accurate freezers is a necessity. You don’t want to choose a pharmaceutical delivery company that has erroneous freezers. If you don’t have accurate freezers, it will be difficult for you to know whether your sample is protected. Obsolete freezers may not be accurate, which is a clear indication that your sample may not be well protected. Always work with companies using the most technologically advanced freezers. 


Just like any other product in transit, the biological sample needs maximum protection. Pharmaceutical samples are high-value products that could be potential targets by robbers. Besides the common thief, it is important to protect bio-sample against environmental elements such as rain, dust particles, fire, and other potential hazards. 

These are some of the qualities that you should analyze when looking for a pharmaceutical sample logistical company. SciSafe is a leading and experienced pharmaceutical and biological sample storage company. It adheres to all the necessary quality requirements and has been in the cold chain delivery industry for ten years and safely stores over 34,000 000 for over 300 Clients at four locations. Contact SciSafe today for cold sample delivery services.

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