Controlled Rate Freezers

With optional multi-probe monitoring

Controlled-Rate Freezers

The largest selection of controlled rate freezer sizes and features.

Whether it’s a few samples or thousands, we have a cryogenic controlled rate freezer that will accommodate your unique needs. Exceptional temperature uniformity, customizable freezing programs and the ability to monitor conditions in real time allow our freezers to offer unmatched control, consistency and reproducibility.

Our new High Capacity Rate Freezers Offer Breakthrough Efficiency and Sample Security.

Our High Capacity Rate Freezer product line allows you to freeze in larger quantities which means higher productivity and efficiency levels, eliminating the need to purchase multiple smaller controlled rate freezers and reducing sample exposure from multiple batch transfers between freezers.


Our High Capacity Rate Freezer product line includes three different form factors to meet a broad range of needs.

Temperature range of -180ºC to +50ºC, with freeze rates of 0.01ºC to 99.9ºC per minute

Choose how you want to freeze, retrieve, and move samples to long term storage or into clinical use

Includes six pre-set run programs and the option to create your own freeze run programs using laptop or integrated touch screen

Ability to chart samples by chamber and program temperature to ensure freeze run repeatability

Assures consistent temperature throughout the entire chamber

High Capacity Rate Freezers allow freezing of thousands of samples in one run, saving time and providing for greater consistency.

IntelliRate i67C LN2 Controlled Rate Freezer

As cell-based research and bioproduction volumes increase, you need a repeatable freezing process that efficiently improves post-thaw viability rates and cryopreservation quality at scale. That is why we designed the new IntelliRate i67C to increase single-batch, LN2 controlled rate freezing (CRF) capacity, from mid-stage clinical research to commercial manufacturing volumes. 

67-liter (2.35 cu. ft.) volume inside the chamber delivers more batch capacity to freeze:

  • 104 50mL bags
  • 2166 2mL vials
  • 100 cassettes
  • 26 1-liter bags
  • 272 canes

Flexible Power Requirements 

  • 120-volt, 50/60 Hz, 10 amp or
  • 230-volt, 50/60 Hz, 10 amp

Options and Accessories

  • Option of single-probe or multi-probe temperature monitoring
  • Innovative racking systems: choose how you want to freeze, retrieve and move samples to long-term storage or into clinical use
  • Broad array of LN2 management, monitoring, sample handling and freezer accessories

Perfectly sized to efficiently scale precision rate freezing as your capacity needs grow

Model 2101 controlled rate freezer

Model 2101 Controlled Rate Freezers

  • Laptop controller with Windows-based operating system
  • Freeze rates of .01ºC to 99ºC per minute
  • Six pre-set easy-to-run freeze programs
With a temperature range of -180ºC to +50ºC and the ability to customize your own freezer run, our controlled rate freezers give you the tools necessary to produce a better product, better results, reproducibility and aids in 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. You can even download results and view them with our free data viewer software. Freeze vials, bags and canes in a fraction of the time of other methods that don’t offer documentation.


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